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tv   [untitled]    November 30, 2010 7:30am-8:00am PST

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. >> forgot no. 2. silver is nothing. there is no having made it and so we beat foreman. i love the competition. . >> american made has really taken it on themselves to green american cities. >> we have a new organizer for the city and county of san francisco. oh, mayor as well. yeah, that's part of the job description. yeah, mayor of san francisco. >> the city is extremely concerned about the emission of green house gasses and making san francisco a sustainable city. >> we need to find other ways to create energy without harm to the environment and this is one source. >> we have over 2 megawatts of solar on various city buildings. we are looking at tidal power and we're beginning to look at
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geothermal power. >> we're on the roof of the moscone center of san francisco and we have 2500 panels that power the center. >> here we are using real energy, energy from the sun, free energy from the sun coming in right here. this converts directly into electricity. >> all these technologies cost money. they don't make economic sense. solar never made economic sense. bio fuels never made economic sense. it's when it was adopted that it started making sense. >> some of them have challenges, that take a long time to prove out, but there's no reason that the challenge of where we will get tomorrow's energy in the united states should not produce a very, very large. >> san francisco is unique in the united states because we serve our own power needs. >> the city of san francisco is
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well positioned in that we are perfectly located to take advantage of any renewable category. >> we tend to be the last one to figure it all out. it's real people that are saying, enough's enough. . >> the answer is going to be in renewable. the sooner we do something about it, the easier it will be it resolve. >> we're not just talking about what a city can do, we're doing it. >> san francisco has set very aggressive goals for greening the city. >> i'm not just naively optimistic, i am pragmatically optimistic that we >> right behind me. i'm ready. good morning, everyone.
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good morning, good morning. thank you for coming to appear 27, one of the best ports if not the best appear in all the world. it is great to have you here as testimony of this amazing feat that we are doing. so i just want to call out a few people in addition to the dignitaries on the stage with me, and mayor gavin newsom, ed harrington, jared bloomingfeld, dean brown, and board of supervisors president david chiu as well as the port commission president, rodney fong, megan miller from senator
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boxer's office, the captain of this fantastic ship, a representative from metro ports, among many colleagues, many from the iowu, will travis, bruce wolfe from the regional quality control board, michele from the quality association of port authorities, captain strode from the u.s. coast guard, welcome. and many more that i'm sure did not make it onto my little card, so thank you very much for coming today. [applause] thank you. thank you. on behalf of all of us at the port of san francisco, we are honored by your presence and your demonstration of partnership. today marks a great achievement for the port.
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it gives us great pride but it also gives as testimony the wonderful things can happen when leaders come together and great minds work on innovative projects. the port, as i mentioned, is over 100 years old. it is a place of great history. these appears you are standing on were built many years ago and have stood the incredible test of time, thanks to the amazing workmanship with which they were built. tremendous ingenuity has been demonstrated over and over again, and we are doing it again today. today, we get to celebrate our collective ingenuity, so it is with great pride that i introduce our leader, mayor gavin newsom, who, frankly needs no introduction, but i will say one thing -- his accomplishments, particularly in leading local government's
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response to the environment are too much for me to go into today. i'm here to tell you that this would not have happened without his leadership and support. i want to thank you for prioritizing this project and for making sure that once again we are leading the way here in california, and i know that you will take this message on to all of the other 11 courts in california. with that, thank you, mayor. mayor newsom: 90 for being here. welcome to san francisco. why are you not out shopping? -- thank you for being here. it is always great to see these big ships come in. fills me with a sense of pride because of the adventures i know people will have when they make it into our diverse neighborhoods. it is a city that continues to be the no. 1 tourist destination in the united states of america for a reason -- the number one


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